What is Modern Oral?

Adult nicotine consumers desire innovative products that enable them to capture the moments that matter while still using nicotine and other ingredients they enjoy. The modern oral category delivers a portfolio of smoke-free products that meet adult nicotine consumers preferences for convenient, responsible and simple to use products. This category is a direct output of the understanding that old consumer relationships with tobacco and nicotine are evolving.

Defining the Category

The modern oral category delivers an expansive product portfolio that provides a variety of product formats, strengths and ingredients that fit adult nicotine consumers’ modern-day lives, while meeting their expectations for functionality, convenience and preferences. The modern oral category is designed to deliver enjoyable solutions to adult nicotine consumers that are grounded in innovation and designed to empower choice.

Evolution to Modern Oral

The journey to what is now the modern oral category is one that began years ago evolving through a variety of alternatives to traditional tobacco combustible cigarettes. While smoking rates have generally declined over the past thirty years, adult consumers helped drive forward the popularization of smokeless nicotine alternatives, including snus and dissolvables. Consumer pushback, in part from this study, helped drive forward the popularization of smokeless nicotine alternatives, including chewing tobacco, snus and dissolvables. Many of these options still containing tobacco.

As time went on, not only was there a transition from traditional cigarettes to smokeless products, but there was a rising interest in tobacco-less products. For adult consumers, this meant a transition away from tobacco-based nicotine products, including chewing tobacco and snus. Enter the modern oral category.

The main objective behind of the modern oral category has always remained the same: to create a category of products that meet adult consumers preferences. Today, the modern oral category includes smoke-free, tobacco-less, lozenges, pouches and gums, with many other options in development.

Modoral’s Category Leadership

At Modoral, our oral nicotine products are different than other oral nicotine offerings on the market as we start with consumer insights and develop our products based on and oriented around exactly what adult nicotine consumers are looking for.

Our modern oral nicotine category, at its highest level, is focused on building a sustainable portfolio of forward-minded products that use innovation to respond to consumer preferences. This category is leading us into the future.

Our Flavors

Flavors are one of the reasons why adult nicotine consumers are so drawn to the modern oral category, as they allow for a more customizable experience. Modoral’s nicotine pouch and nicotine lozenge flavors suit many preferences. Modoral is expanding its VELO portfolio to include a variety of new pouch flavors. Collectively, VELO nicotine lozenges and pouches include Mint, Citrus, Crema, Berry, Dark Mint, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Coffee, Black Cherry, Dragon Fruit and Citrus Burst.

flavor mint


flavor crema


flavor citrus


flavor berry


flavor dark mint

Dark Mint

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