Our Values

Our values reflect the people and principles that push us forward as an organization and ultimately, toward a better tomorrow. Our products are different, and so is our company: we are consumer-centric, research-backed and driven by responsibility. As a result, we’re confident in our ability to deliver the convenient, simple products adult nicotine consumers want while adhering to regulatory guidelines and leading an innovative company culture.

Our Commitment to You

We’re proud to operate responsibly to drive creativity every day. Our company values remind us that product stewardship and consumer innovation go hand-in-hand when developing the ideal modern nicotine experience. As the industry continues to evolve, we’re ready to rise to the challenge of delivering choice and developing high-quality nicotine products that our adult nicotine consumers can enjoy whenever, wherever.



Innovation and creativity are at the core of developing enjoyable products that empower consumers to choose the modern nicotine products to capture their own unique moments.

Our values are clear. Above all, we are driven to provide adult nicotine consumers with alternatives. We listen to them and work to provide the most innovative solutions for their preferences. We know that these efforts lead to a better tomorrow, and that’s what drives us every day.

Meg Wilson, Director

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