Modoral is the Modern Oral Nicotine Experience.

Modoral is the Modern Oral Nicotine Experience.

Developed with the adult nicotine consumer in mind, our mission is to create tobacco-less nicotine products that promote choice and empower consumers to capture the moment.

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Adult nicotine consumers are constantly evolving: they want convenience and simplicity without sacrificing enjoyment and experience. We are evolving with them to meet them where they are and, more importantly, where they are going to be. It’s that simple.

Shay Mustafa, Modoral, Senior Vice President of Modern Oral

A Look at Our Values

  • Innovation

    Listening to what you want, to meet your preferences now, tomorrow and into the future.

  • Consumer-Focused

    Keeping a close eye on an evolving market means we’re meeting consumers where they need us.

  • People & Connections

    We combine science, research and creativity to make modern, nicotine products.

  • Stewardship & Regulation

    From sourcing ingredients to marketing, you can expect responsibility from us every step of the way.