Company Mission

Here at Modoral, we have made it our mission to provide choice for consumers and empower them to choose a nicotine option that best reflects their lifestyles. Starting with tobacco-less pouches and nicotine lozenges, we offer a variety of product formats and flavors that fit adult nicotine consumers’ modern-day lives. We pair industry knowledge with global resources to deliver innovative products for our consumers.

At Modoral, we are innovating for the future of nicotine and the future starts with the modern oral nicotine category. We know adult nicotine consumers expect products that are convenient and enjoyable. As the world shifts away from traditional tobacco products, we’re delivering alternatives that meet changing consumer preferences and expectations. We welcome change knowing that we have the talent, resources and development capabilities to move with consumers.

At Modoral, our purpose is powered by the experiences we are able to create for our consumers and our employees. We are hyper-focused on innovation and ultimately driving forward a new category of products and opportunities. We’re proud to be a leader in this industry and to act on our mission every single day.

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