Our Modern Nicotine Brands

At Modoral, we listen to our consumers to develop a thoughtful range of tobacco-less products for adult nicotine consumers who want options that reflect their individual preferences. Our products combine innovation and industry knowledge to create enjoyable nicotine experiences.

Innovation is driven by the expectations and preferences of our consumers, and we’re proud to deliver the alternatives they want while maintaining the responsible standards they expect.

Meet the Velo Family of Products

Modoral Brand’s VELO portfolio is a U.S. leader in modern oral nicotine products. The brand includes tobacco-less nicotine pouches and tobacco-less nicotine lozenges, which allow adult nicotine consumers to choose the experience best for them.

From different flavors to varying levels of nicotine strength, our nicotine pouches and nicotine lozenges were designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of adult consumers who seek alternatives to their traditional tobacco products.

Packaging for VELO pouches

VELO Pouches

The VELO nicotine pouch is designed to offer adult nicotine consumers choice, convenience and simplicity. VELO pouches offer consumers choices, including 2 milligram, 4 milligram strength pouches and Citrus and Mint flavor options. These pouches are made for the on-the-go adult nicotine consumer. VELO’s pouch portfolio is expanding to include a variety of new flavors and strengths, including Spearmint, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Coffee, Black Cherry, Dragon Fruit and Citrus Burst, as well as a 7-milligram strength variation.

Packaging for VELO hard nicotine lozenges in Mint, Crema, Dark Mint and Berry flavors.

VELO Lozenges

Our high-taste nicotine lozenge offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy the moment anytime, anywhere. With four responsible flavors, Berry, Crema, Dark Mint and Mint, and two formats, hard or soft lozenges, to choose from, this oral nicotine alternative gives adult nicotine consumers options. The VELO nicotine lozenge is dissolvable, which ensures convenience, simplicity of use and minimal waste.

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