At Modoral, we proudly hold ourselves to high standards to act as the responsible leader in the nicotine product industry. We use rigorous research and development programs and follow U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance to ensure a comprehensive and compliant process from start to finish.

High Quality Products Start with High Quality Ingredients

Modoral uses food-grade components and pharmaceutical-grade materials to bring adult nicotine consumers a dependable and enjoyable experience. From the moment these ingredients arrive at our facilities, we continuously measure and inspect for product quality and consistency. Most importantly, no products leave our doors without strict review and composition verification.

Every detail, from the ingredients we use to the packaging you see in stores, is carefully considered and tested throughout our manufacturing process. Our suppliers are held to high industry standards, and our product formulas are developed with carefully sourced, quality ingredients. We’ve put in the work to make the modern oral nicotine experience as easy as possible for adult nicotine consumers, and we’re excited to share our process and set the standard in the modern oral nicotine category.

Supplier Code of Ethics and Standards

We use global sourcing practices to responsibly procure the best nicotine pouch ingredients and nicotine lozenge ingredients. We hold our suppliers to the same high standards we hold ourselves to, including the ones set by the FDA.

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Ingredients You Know, Products You Can Trust

We don’t cut corners to deliver you the products you’ll love. We use high-quality ingredients and simple formulas to make thoughtful nicotine products. Our products are designed for purpose and we’re thoughtful about how each takes shape – that process starts with our ingredients.

About Our Nicotine Pouches

VELO’s disposable nicotine pouch portfolio is expanding to include a variety of new flavors and strengths, and all pouches are made with high-quality ingredients. Ingredients are carefully combined and vary slightly by flavor to ensure we deliver the most enjoyable experience for our adult nicotine consumers.

Our Mint- and Citrus-flavored nicotine pouches contain nicotine derived from the tobacco plant, microcrystalline cellulose, water, salt, sucralose, citric acid, artificial flavor and water. Spearmint-, Wintergreen-, Peppermint-, Cinnamon-, Coffee-, Black Cherry-, Dragon Fruit- and Citrus Burst-flavored VELO nicotine pouches contain nicotine derived from the tobacco plant, maltitol, modified cellulose, sodium carbonates including baking soda, acesulfame K and artificial flavor.


Tried, Tested and True

We reinforce our commitment to product quality at every step of the manufacturing process. Quality control is crucial, and that’s why we perform inspections at two levels: visual product quality and physical product quality. We thoroughly inspect our products, making sure your oral nicotine experiences are consistent every time. Any products showing inconsistencies, discoloration, texture difference or failing quality control tests don’t make it to market.

We also use third-party partners to assess the chemical composition of our nicotine products to verify that we are compliant with our own quality standards as well as the latest regulations.

With our high-quality packaging and mindful marketing practices, we make sure that the products we carefully craft are delivered perfectly to adult nicotine consumers.

Quality at the Core


Carefully monitored levels


From design to purchase

Nicotine Standards

The nicotine pouch doses are carefully monitored in accordance with strict standards and specification levels. We remove any products that do not pass our quality controls, verifying that the nicotine level in your VELO pouch is never any more or any less than what you intend to purchase.

Packaging with Purpose

We know our consumers care about the nicotine products they choose, and that’s why we care about keeping them accessible for adult nicotine consumers. Our integrity doesn’t end at manufacturing. We carry our responsible practices into packaging and through the purchase of the product.

Ensuring Quality Beyond Manufacturing

Strong product stewardship and responsible marketing form the backbone of our portfolio, and it’s why we are industry leaders. Our products are for adult nicotine consumers, and we manufacture them accordingly. When purchasing products from our website, we use age restrictions and verification across various checkpoints before checkout. We also implement strict purchase limits to encourage responsible consumption. From start to finish, high quality and integrity are at the forefront.