Moneymaker goes beyond the cards as part of VELO’s partnership with the World Series of Poker to unveil how skills used by today’s top poker players can be used in careers, personal relationships and more.

LAS VEGAS (November 03, 2021) – VELO and legendary poker player Chris Moneymaker today lifted the curtain on the psychology of poker to show how the skills Moneymaker uses at the table can be used in real-world situations. The campaign comes one day before the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event and ensures fans never miss a hand whether it’s during a game, at work or in their personal lives.

As one of the primary sponsors of the 2021 WSOP, VELO set out with Moneymaker to uncover the strategies used by today’s top players and share how each tactic can advance skills on and off the poker table. Whether it’s recognizing the right time to call, bluff or picking up on a tell, these tips offer valuable insight for everyday scenarios in careers, relationships and other personal encounters.

“The game of poker is much like the game of life – you develop your abilities, build strategies and learn from your mistakes,” said Chris Moneymaker. “Over time you start to understand that the techniques used at the table transcend beyond the cards. I’m excited to share my insights so fans can use the same techniques to successfully navigate challenges and get the upper hand in their own daily activities.”

Moneymaker’s tips range from the conspicuous to the complex. Highlights can be found in a new video created by VELO featuring Moneymaker narrating challenging everyday scenarios. Beyond the content, Moneymaker shares these insights to keep in mind:

Everyone Has a Tell In poker and in day-to-day situations, everyone has a tell. It can be excessive blinking or a twitch to indicate they’re nervous. Being observant can score you big wins. Especially in unfamiliar situations such as a new job. Look for little clues that will give you an “in.”

The Poker Face The holidays can be stressful for everyone. Dodging personal questions is very much a holiday tradition. Display your poker face by looking calm, cool and collected, and don’t let the questions affect your game. The conversation will inevitably jump to the next topic, and you will have the upper hand.

Know When to Hold ’Em, Know When to Fold ’Em Relationships can deal you some interesting hands. A good rule to go by is it’s better to toss your cards than to lose your wallet. If you’re trying to get to know the person and they take their second call at dinner, don’t waste your time. Grab the check. It’s all part of being at your best.

“VELO is a brand that goes beyond boundaries, and we wanted to bring a unique perspective to the game as part of our World Series of Poker sponsorship,” said Leila Medeiros, President of VELO’s parent company, Modoral Brands Inc. “Working with one of poker’s biggest personalities in Chris Moneymaker provides us an opportunity to deliver exciting content for adult fans, players, or individuals looking to up their ante in day-to-day scenarios.”

In addition to its campaign with Moneymaker, VELO also took over the gaming industry’s largest poker-tournament series through a host of on- and off-site activations. VELO kicked-off its WSOP sponsorship with first-time $50,000 total in cash prizes for the Player of The Year and No Limit Leaderboard winners. The brand is also featured in all Poker Central content, including on the main stage and in television coverage. Branded signage, banners, and advertisement placements are also featured at McCarran International Airport to reach adult travelers coming in for the WSOP tournament as well.