Center of Excellence

At the RAI Group's Center of Excellence, we have teams dedicated to researching and executing the various ways to use nicotine extracted from tobacco plants. Specifically, our team is focused on bringing to market alternatives to traditional tobacco products. We are working relentlessly to develop tobacco-less, smokeless products to meet the evolving preferences of the adult nicotine consumer.

Center of Excellence at a Glance

The Center of Excellence is the core of scientific study, product testing and research and development. We dedicate significant time and resources to research, trials, laboratory testing and educating our teams on the future of the industry. The Center’s team of scientists work tirelessly to operate responsibly and innovate at pace. A group of 35+ scientists have dedicated years specifically to defining the modern oral category and are bringing that expertise to build our growing product portfolio.

Built on Tradition. Committed to the Future.


The Modern Oral Research & Development Team Was Born


Scientists Innovating the Modern Oral Category


Home to our Center of Excellence

Our team is made up of a range of disciplines

At the Center of Excellence, our scientists have significant expertise and come from a variety of backgrounds to bring simple yet enjoyable products to market. Our team and supporting teams are comprised of individuals with a range of backgrounds in biology, chemistry, toxicology, polymer science, formulation science and food science. Our team also has previous experience in the tobacco, pharmaceutical, food and flavor industries, amongst other experience. This diversity really underlines our commitment to the future and ensures that we have the right team and resources in place to create the best possible products for our adult nicotine consumers.






Food Scientists


Polymer Scientists

Bringing Innovative Products to Market

Our scientists take a rigorous approach to research and development to create responsible products that empower adult nicotine consumers to capture the moments that matter. As a company, we strive to offer a choice of enjoyable products to adult nicotine consumers. This begins with extracting and isolating nicotine from the tobacco plant and using it to develop and test innovative products, resulting in delivering high-quality options that have been product tested and reviewed to ensure that they meet adult consumer expectations and comply with regulatory guidelines.

Evolving Product Roadmaps

As experts in consumer preferences and experiences, we recognize that no single product can deliver the range of moments or expectations that adult nicotine consumers desire. It's not a secret that the preferences of adult nicotine consumers are constantly changing. That’s why we’ve been intentional about our product roadmaps, which are designed to evolve with adult nicotine consumers over time, consistently promoting product choice, convenience and simplicity.

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